How We Began

Whole-istic Solutions was developed by health professionals for health professionals. I am Dr. Robert Parker, president and founder of Whole-istic Solutions. Founded in 2002, Whole-istic Solutions, is a premier whole-food nutritional and dietary supplement company. Practicing chiropractic full time, Dr. Joel Robbins and I have experienced frustration trying to determine which line of supplements would be best for our patients. We understand the concerns you face every day in your practice and we realize that choosing a nutritional supplement company can be overwhelming. That is why we created Whole-istic Solutions. We know first-hand which nutritional protocols work and which do not. Our goal at Whole-istic Solutions is to use our years of clinical experience, insight, and success to help you succeed in guiding your patients to health.

One of our core principles at Whole-istic Solutions is to obey the laws of nature. Unfortunately, the words "nature" or "natural" appear everywhere in advertising. According to the FDA, these words can legally be used when referring to anything that comes from nature, including chemicals, which ultimately come from nature. It can be confusing and misleading.