Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase your supplements?

What are the hours of operation at Whole-istic Solutions?

What is the difference between a foundational and therapeutic supplement?

What is a whole food supplement?

What is the process used to remove the water and fiber?

Why are whole-food supplements better?

How can I find out if I am taking “whole-food” vitamins vs. synthetic or crystalline vitamins?

Where does Whole-istic Solutions get its raw materials?

What about studies that show the negative aspects of taking vitamins?

What are probiotics?

Why are probiotics important?

Why do I need to supplement with probiotics?

Where is the best place to store supplements? Do they need to be refrigerated?

What about the stability of probiotics?

What are minerals and why are they important?

Are the products from Whole-istic Solutions FDA approved?What are minerals and why are they important?

Why don’t the labels give elemental or milligram values for the vitamin content of products?

What makes Whole-istic Solutions products better than others on the market?

What does “wholeistic” mean, and why is it important?

What is the shelf-life for Whole-istic Solutions’ products?

Do any Whole-istic Solutions formulations interfere with any medications?

Are there any health conditions which prevent people from taking these products?

Should young children (under the age of two) take Whole-istic Solutions products?

What doses are recommended for children of various ages?

How do you guarantee that the product provides the quality, potency, and purity of ingredients that is claimed on the product label?

Does Whole-istic Solutions employ an independent laboratory to ensure potency,
purity, activity and consistency?

What are Enzymes?

What are the different types of enzymes?

How do enzymes aid in digestion?

Why are food enzymes missing in cooked and processed foods?

What happens when food is not properly digested?

Are there physiological effects from consuming an enzyme-free diet?

Why take a supplemental enzyme?

Will my body stop producing enzymes?

How do pancreatic enzymes, plant enzymes, and microbial enzymes differ?

What should the dosage be?

What should a doctor consider when choosing a supplement to carry?

What standards of enzyme activity and efficacy are followed at Whole-istic Solutions?